what are you reading?

have you heard of the book The Match? i read it last summer while on a dive trip to Cozumel...no, not while i was diving. that would be interesting, what with all the commotion about getting in the water with all my gear on...that's another story. at any rate, The Match was a really great book, and one that i wouldn't normally gravitate towards, simply because i prefer mystery thrillers, like Gone Girl. anyway, it's the story of the famous match between the two best golf professionals at the time, Byron Nelson & Ben Hogan, and the two best amateur golfers, Harvey Ward & Ken Venturi. trash talk began and the bet was made the day before Bing Crosby's Clambake golf tournament. the author weaves in chapters of details of each players life while giving the suspenseful play by play of this match. i loved learning each of their story's and imagining the shots that were happening while reading this great book. i highly recommend it! 

what do you recommend i read?

Merry Christmas!

my gift to you this christmas is that i will be taking the LPGA National Education Program Level III Evaluation in order to obtain Class A status as your teaching professional. some things i will know better by the end of today are;

  • ball flight laws
  • history of LPGA
  • learning styles
  • personality styles
  • golf fitness
  • equipment

merry christmas from your favorite LPGA teaching professional!

it was christmas in october.

about three weeks ago, i participated in a an event at windsor golf club. santa tim held his annual event, christmas in october (a golf scramble tournament), to raise funds in order to give christmas to people who can't afford gifts for their families. it was my first time helping out for this fundraiser, but i would be happy to do it again, as i think it's a wonderful cause and tim is a great guy. 

i had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with my friends, and they helped me sell the game i was there to play. it's called OUT DRIVE THE PRO...i was the pro. if you wanted to play, you would hit your tee shot, then i would hit mine and we'd see who won. not to spend too much time on how much of a badass i am, but out of the 50, mostly male players, that stepped up to the plate, only 3 were successful. boom.

about half way through the tournament, we had a little comic relief. my friend paul says to me, "i want you to try this with one of renee's golf balls, because i'm curious to see if it will fly as well as the ones you've been using." i'm game, so he tees it up, and i walk over and give it the good ole college try....

dear paul,

you won this round. can't wait to see what happens next time.


your favorite lady golf pro.

if you get cancer, i'm gonna be pissed.....

that's a quote from my mom to my dad about 7 years ago. every time i apply sunscreen to my face, arms, legs, and well any skin that is being touched by the sun, i think of her saying that to my dad. it makes me giggle because i can hear her voice, with that infectious southern accent, and see her face. i love it when songs or quotes do that. 

recently, there was a video posted on upworthy about what our skin looks like in ultraviolet, and how the sun changes our skin. but the coolest part of the video is when they got to see what they looked like when they put on sunscreen. watch. 

where are my shoes???

have you ever been to the gym and seen a fellow gym-goer working out in church clothes? have you ever played basketball in ballerina flats? have you ever heard of anyone showing up for a job interview in their prom gear? did you answer NO to any of these questions? probably. that's because at some point you realized that you needed to be dressed a certain way for certain activities.

when you set out on your golfing journey, there are so many things you are going to be learning about playing golf. one of those things is how to present yourself. here's a few images to help...click on each image to begin your fashion journey.

my mom always said, "it's better to look good than to feel good", which was a quote from some other funny thing in our lives, and my golf coach always said, "we are gonna be the best looking team out there". in the golf world, that meant collard shirts, kaki shorts, and golf shoes. that was my uniform, and it was also back when the men's apparel was what we had to choose from. our shirts were pretty but also masculine. now, luckily for me, the options are vast, colorful, and flattering (thank you genius who decided to create florescent colored golf shirts), and i can get away with wearing my running shoes for golf instead of those terribly uncomfortable classic FootJoy golf shoes.